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Welcome to the wild west of web3 gaming. Enjoy your stay, anon.

Avatar mint is now live. 0.08 ETH each.

Click me to go to Avatar mint.Play SHROOMTRIP Demo v0.01Play SSC MUSEUM Demo v0.01

Play our Demos!

You can try out our very early Real Estate demo and our new Penthouse Gallery demo here.

No wallet connection and no download needed. Just come see what we're building. MAC/PC only. If you get an error, refresh the page. Report any bugs in discord. Enjoy <3


Everything you know about typical NFT projects? Not us.

Usually, most NFT projects would have links to try to get you to buy your NFT's here. Not us. We don't want you or your money if you don't fuck with the vision.

Are you looking for some random team that's promising a triple A game in a week? Nah. Not us. We take our time and build quality. Are you looking for a project that acts all squeaky corporate clean? Not us. Are you looking for a quick pump and dump? Not us. We're here on a mission, and it's going to continue to be a long and crazy road ahead... but one that'll be remembered for a lifetime.

Here's who we are (devs and community), what we believe in, and what we want:


Where did SSC come from?
What's the dream of SSC?
How is it being built?
Where do I belong?
Welcome to the web3 counter culture.





We're creating the first collection in which YOU can vote on, contribute, and assist in designing the appearance of the NFT's before their reveal.

This process will take about a month. Check out what's in store. You can find out information in our ShroomTrip x Avatar Hub world too!

The Avatars

We've partnered with cybernerdbaby, a team of professional and passionate 3D modelers, to create the most rebellious avatars in the metaverse for you. Your new favorite PFP and in game model. Fully rigged clothes, body, and hair. Usable in any metaverse or program that accepts 3D models too.

Mint Cost
0.08 ETH
VR/SSC Compatible



Dear Class IV personnel,

It has come to our attention that you have either volunteered or been volunteered against your will into joining the experiment. Ocean Beach Federal Laboratories is proud to be the Federation and Southside City's main supplier of experimental technologies, weaponry, and main source of connection to otherworldly realms.

Once you have minted your unrevealed avatar (https://southside.city/), please refer to these phases of the experiment to guide you in the Federation's quest to craft the best avatars by any means necessary.


You have minted an unrevealed avatar. No properties exist on its metadata yet.

The first proposal will be upload to snapshot at 5% mint-out.

The experiment begins immediatly. Drop what you would like to see on our avatars in (discord channels) inspopics✨. If enough people want it, we will fund it.

Chat about general avatar ideas in general👽.

If you are an artist or 3d-modeler, or just have some memes you want to see on the avatars, drop them in contribute💵. We will pay you after we work out a price for commercial licensing with your works.

Any changes made or requested will be uploaded to snapshot for communal voting to decide if it will proceed.


At around 10%-15% mintout, we will reveal the properties on your NFT in batches to prevent exploits. That means you will find out how rare your NFT is.

We continue with voting, developing, and creating. Continue using general👽, contribute💵, and inspopics✨.


After receiving large amounts of contributions, having many votes, and many a creative changes, we will have one last final vote.

You'll be able to see every single avatar and property, in game too!

Once the final vote passes with the majority of the community approving the design, all SSC avatars are revealed!

And boom, we have the coolest most unique fucking collection in web3.

This is the first time in web3 anyone has done something like this. A massive undertaking. We are open to try ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. You want a rare property to be a cybernetic dog hat? If people vote, we'll make it happen.

This will be a major quest so we appreciate your patience and contributions.


A glimpse of what we have planned for Southside City.

Multiplayer Action

Explore Southside City in the way true cities in video games have always meant to be, filled to the brim with real people. Play with your friends, meet new people (or rob them).


Using building tools, turn your property or one of the temp-claim build areas into whatever your heart desires. Create an NFT gallery, a dispensary, or just a little lofi cafe.


Grab/craft some weapons. Fight in PVE quests to get loot. Start gang fights with your friends. Journey to the Portside arena for some wager match action.


Hang out in the luxurious streets of Portside. Take a stroll through Ocean Beach. Do some psychedelics. Blast some SSC soundtrack made by our community. Enjoy yourself wherever you may be.

You Decide!

Suggest things, send us models, create lore. We are building this project together. Ever wanted to see something in a video game that no one had the balls to make? Drop the ideas in discord. We can't do everything but we sure don't mind to scheme.

Real Estate

1,111 handcrafted and unique estates. Your gateway to Southside City.

Just 1,111

The smallest amount of ownable real estate in any metaverse. Why? We wanted to create a bustling and dense city, rather than a flatland of 100,000 cubes that are meant to maximize profits.

Five Neighborhoods

Each neighborhood is wildly different from its neighbor. Bright lights and casinos in Vegas Island, luxury and finance in Portside, Miami vibes in Ocean Beach... you can find somewhere to call home.

Freedom is Yours

While most metaverses have severe restrictions as to what your property can be used for, we don't care. You can build whatever you want, wherever you want. Also the real estate names are lit af. I mean seriously, where else can you buy an "Island Boy Crack House"?

No. 88
No. 3

Get yours now

Real estate begun minting at 0.05 ETH. They are all currently available on secondary. Holding an SSC Real Estate will give you a bonus airdrop on avatar mint. Try out the real estate demo to find your new home!

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The Inception


Start of Southside City.
Begin scheming up ideas. Assemble a team.
Establish the first website.
Initiate mint of 100 genesis cosmetics.
Start developing the early iterations of SSC.

Jank and Dank

MONTH 6-10

Locate and hire a team to create SSC avatars.
Release the first playable product.
Unlock the Island Boys shrine.
Continually update product with suggestions and feedback from the SSC gang.

You are here!
Begin mints of avatars. Begin democratic aesthetic selection process.
Test the first rudimentary test of multiplayer gameplay and connectivity.
Host the Defcon 1 Party.
Test the first wallet connection and NFT display system. Test various building and PVP mechanisms.
Double down on everything SSC stands for.
Integrate minted avatars into the game.

Web3 Valhalla


The game is kind of janky, but it's there. The vision has been executed. Our microcosm of wild freedom will protect the true freedom of web3.

Continue developing SSC, prepare fail-safe open source code releases. Ensure the legacy and infamy of SSC lasts for generations to come.

The Development

Month 2-6

Scheme more ideas with community.
Finalize designs of Southside City's map and real estate. Begin real estate mint.
Release website v.2.
Release pre Defcon 1 merchandise.
Hire community members for art and music.
Expand SSC cultural reach and mission.
Continue development of Southside City.

The Official Launch

MONTH 12-16

Full multiplayer connectivity with access to every real estate plot.
Expand the Southside City team.
Hire more artists and community members to create.
Hire consultants and developers to create $SSC.

Come join us as we build the metaverse revolution.


Here's a crazy thing too. Everyone here? From the SSC community. Yep. We source our music, art, and everything in between from people who have been with our project. We have a true community.

The Professor

Head of Southside City. Visionary, developer, phunk, designer, NFT collector, and Unity and Blender aficionado.


Masters of 3D Modeling and AR/VR Metaverse creation. Responsible for the development of Southside City avatars.


Backend developer. Didn't choose the backend life, the backend life chose him.


Artist at heart, artist in practice. Pixel art fanatic.

Nadir Nomad

Underground web3 rapper. First official SSC Soundtrack partner. Makes everything from cloudlike tracks to classic bangers.


Metal creator. NFT artist. Creates some of the hardest hitting shit you'll hear in your life. Official SSC Soundtrack partner.

voxeljunk (Saiteron)

Glitch NFT artist and vaporwave creator under the moniker Saiteron. Modern vaporwave at its peak. Official SSC Soundtrack partner.


NFT and professional Tattoo artist. Creator of the Hoodlums project. SSC art creator.


NFT pixel artist and Tezos musical creator. Official SSC Soundtrack partner.

We're always looking for new contributors and team members. If you're a part of SSC and got anything, just send us a message on twitter or in discord!

Bump our official Southside City mixtape to discover some new community artists. All the songs in this tape have been licensed for usage in SSC.


Do I need to pay to play Southside City?
When will SSC be completed?
Is Southside City a good investment?
Technical Aspects of Southside City?
No. 88
No. 3

Get yours now

If you buy the Furry Funhouse or the Island Boy Crack House... you're living it up.

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Just a bunch of SSC Media. Some screenshots may be from older builds and are outdated.