The chance to fight over the riches and loot of Southside City is coming. Do you have what it takes to run the streets?


Any art or content containing nudity or anything explicit has long been banned from every digital world. Southside City is pioneering the world's hub for the world's most censored art.


You, are you creative? Are you talented? Seeking employment so you can stop being a NEET? We're hiring. Game developers, creative directors, and more. Slide through and show us what you got! Come contribute to the future of virtual worlds.

South of Central Island lies a new frontier of SSC real estate... the beauty of Hawaii Island. Rural landscapes, tropical cities, luxurious resorts, and off-grid weed farms. A new destination for your metaverse living. HAWAII CITY MINT SOON


The metaverse is a 68 billion dollar industry projected to grow to 600+ billion. And we're building the most unique experience yet. A virtual world for renegades, rebels, and those seeking true freedom.


Produced in LuxCorp†®'s MetaLABv.2 in Ocean Beach.

The finest virtual land in any metaverse. Hand crafted, hand placed, and expertly designed. Full freedom and no restrictions on monetization, creation, or customization. Find the real estate that's right for you.


Hey you, yes you crypto anon. Coming soon, the greatest virtual real estate in the most ambitious metaverse market in history. Your chance is coming soon. 😈🎰🏝🏡

Hawaii Island is the premier paradise destination in the metaverse. As its own sovereign state in the Federation, the island is famous for its gorgeous beaches, hillside mansions, wild rural areas, and panoramic views.


The Hawaii City real estate mint is happening in a few weeks. Here's how it works.
If you have a whitelist spot, you're eligible to mint up to 10 Hawaii City Passports at 0.12 each.
Each Hawaii City Passport guarantees one piece of real estate.
After the mint is concluded, you will be able to pick and choose real estates that you want.
If multiple people pick one real estate, it'll be placed into a raffle!
After the raffles are concluded, your real estate will be airdropped to you.

But wait, there's more. The passport will come in handy in our first season of multiplayer.

Central Island (1,111 Units)

Central City - SOLD OUT

Portside - SOLD OUT

Eastside - SOLD OUT

Vegas Island - SOLD OUT

Ocean Beach - SOLD OUT

Hawaii Island (900 Units)

The Jungles - SOLD OUT

Lahaina - SOON.

Hawaii City - SOON.



NFT Island - 1.7625 ETH (2.2+ ETH)

Degen Island - 1.1742 ETH

Oahu Island - 1.155 ETH

Portlux Building Penthouse - 0.69 ETH

The Empire Palace - 0.4662 ETH

The Haleakalā Mansion - 0.399 ETH

The Field Residence - 0.444 ETH

Lanai Beach Hotel Penthouse - 0.2227 ETH

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Please note. The Central Island real estates are currently being migrated to our new smart contract. Our new smart contract is unruggable, listable on any exchange, and we have reduced creator earning fees by 5%. You are still free to purchase any real estate from both contract until migration is complete.

You can view and purchase the old unmigrated real estate here.

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PROJECT SSC x cybernerdbaby AVATARS


300 avatars crafted from the finest sectors of the Federation.

Press i when examining AVATAR ALPHA 6 to inspect textures and rigging.

SMART CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x7cd2c53fccb1fae378b5987b018f0c4cd8980ca4


Oh hey, you're here early. Our mission is to build a metaverse with no restrictions. Freedom in expression, finance, monetization, gameplay, and more; all set in a hyper-dense city environment. We want to build a game that'll cause straight fucking chaos. A game with zero fucking rules.

We want you to come along and help shape the future of the world's most infamous metaverse.




As per Central City Criminal Metacode V.4227-555-22125-244987®



Fan art, official soundtrack, and more.




The Professor

Head of Southside City. Visionary, developer, phunk, designer, NFT collector, and Unity and Blender aficionado.

Leon Abboud

Head of Southside City's marketing. Leader of Unfungible.xyz, web3's premier marketing team.


Metal creator. NFT artist. Staff (part of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs). Creates some of the hardest hitting shit you'll hear in your life. Official SSC Soundtrack partner.


FL Studio demigod. Staff (part of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs). Producer of the littest rap beats you've heard. Official SSC Soundtrack Partner.


Masters of 3D Modeling and AR/VR Metaverse creation. Responsible for the development of Southside City avatars.


Artist at heart, artist in practice. Pixel art fanatic.


Backend developer. Didn't choose the backend life, the backend life chose him.


Nadir Nomad

Underground web3 rapper. First official SSC Soundtrack partner. Makes everything from cloudlike tracks to classic bangers.

voxeljunk (Saiteron)

Glitch NFT artist and vaporwave creator under the moniker Saiteron. Modern vaporwave at its peak. Official SSC Soundtrack partner.


NFT and professional Tattoo artist. Creator of the Hoodlums project. SSC art creator.


NFT pixel artist and Tezos musical creator. Official SSC Soundtrack partner.


Artist. Art Director. Absolute SSC OG. Creator of the Southside City logo.

We're always looking for new contributors and team members. If you're a part of SSC and got anything, hit us up anytime.