information about your new metahome!

Get ready to claim your real estate in the world's premier virtual vacation destination. Each Passport you mint gets you one SSC real estate as well as a suite of other exclusive perks.

OG MINT PHASE: January 10th, 2023. 11:00AM EST

WL MINT PHASE: February 27th, 2023. 11:00AM EST

PUBLIC MINT PHASE: February 27th, 2023. 2:00PM EST

Mint Price: 0.12 ETH per Passport.

WL Mint Total: 364 Passports.


Here in Southside City, we like to experiment. Most projects do a random mint system for their NFT's but we wanted to try something new for Hawaii City. In this mint, you can CHOSE the real estate you want. Here's how.

1) Mint your Hawaii City passports.

2) After the mint concludes, we'll put up a gallery of every single property.

3) Choose which piece of real estate you like. If multiple people want the same one, a raffle will be made.

4) Your properties of choice will be airdropped to you.


When you mint Hawaii City Passports and claim your real estates... you still get to keep, trade or do whatever you want with your passports! They give their holders certain benefits such as:

- Access to our in game $10,000 tournament, as well as future ones or whatever the fuck we do.

- Access to the Hawaii City Kingdom Armory

- Access to the Hawaii City Temple Lounge as well as a few other miscellaneous buildings

- Fast travel at border checkpoints

- Increased drop chances for items in Hawaii City

- Future crafting options

- And more!


If you're a holder of SSC real estate you will automatically receive whitelist.

If you aren't a holder drop into our discord and ask for a WL or win it through giveaways/collabs that we host with other projects.


The art for the Hawaii City Passport was made in collaboration with Dezentral and MaxCapacity. Check them out!