Basically we can sum up the inspirations Southside City as a combination of:


Grand Theft Auto


With the toxicity, wildness, and insanity of each being turnt up 10x.

Multiplayer Action

Explore Southside City in the way true cities in video games have always meant to be, filled to the brim with real people... with no gatekeeping. Play with your friends, meet new ones (or rob them). Open your mind to the sheer size and insane diversity of the SSC community.


Using building tools, turn your property or one of the temp-claim build areas into whatever your heart desires. Create an NFT gallery, a dispensary, a live strip show, a streaming lounge, or just a little lofi cafe.


Grab/craft some weapons. Start gang fights with your friends. Journey to the Portside arena for some wager match action.


Hang out in the luxurious streets of Portside. Take a stroll through Ocean Beach. Do some psychedelics. Blast some SSC soundtrack made by our community. Enjoy yourself wherever you may be. Live out your alternative lifestyle!

You Decide!

Suggest things, send us models, create lore. We are building this project together. Ever wanted to see something in a video game that no one had the balls to make? Drop the ideas in discord. We can't do everything but we sure don't mind to try.

We've also built up the best community in web3, period.

Do you want to hang around talented musicians, content creators, drug addicts, alcoholics, priests, and pretty much everyone under the fucking sun? Meet people? Collab? Discuss? Help build a free Southside City future together? That's us.

We're kinda infamous. For example, once we partied for 12 hours straight and our founder downed a bottle of Bacardi on stream. We'd love to have you for our degenerate activities! Even if you don't own anything from us!


Do I need to pay to play Southside City?
When will SSC be completed?
Is Southside City a good investment?
Technical Aspects of Southside City?

thank you for reading